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Let's Make The World Smarter

Meet Patrick Van Renterghem: Engineer-by-training and Researcher-at-heart.
As a Supernetworker, Knowledge Booster and Community Builder, Patrick Organizes and Facilitates Meetups, Workshops and Conferences, possibly hybrid and global. Contact me for Technology Marketing, Research, Training and Lead Generation. Available for hire as freelance consultant. Join my extensive network on LinkedIn and Twitter.

At this moment, we have 2 resource centers: the European AI Act and the NIS2 Directive.


I love to challenge, mentor and coach people to get the best out of them and out of their work

I have 30+ years of experience in sharing knowledge, brainstorming about business cha(lle)nges and organising events.

I am available for all knowledge-related challenges: Trend-watching and Trend-translation, Training and knowledge transfer, Organisation, Market research that leads to new Products, Proof-of-Concepts, Reports, Guidance, Investments, Events, ...

I love to dig deeper than most people into information about new technology, companies, trends, etc to understand what is coming. Looking back at my 33-year old career in IT, I love change and innovation, and I have always been interested in the day after tomorrow.


30+ Years of Experience in Sharing Knowledge about IT

Graduated from the University of Ghent as civil engineer, specialised in electronics and computer science. Worked at the University of Ghent (Belgium) for 8 years (1984-1992). Started IT Works on April 1st, 1992. Organised 1500+ seminars and workshops for technical and business IT professionals. Wrote for all the major IT magazines in Belgium at that time. Never lost my interest in IT Development, both hardware but mainly software.

Co-organised my first seminars as a volunteer for the BIRA/DTCS department of the Royal Engineering Society (1984-1992) on e.g. the X-Window System, Unix and other OS internals, Microcomputing, Embedded Systems, Parallel processing, Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, ... but steadily moved away from hardcore IT to explain what digital technology and automation can do for business.

With my own company, I organised events about almost every aspect of business/information technology, inclusing business analysis, business intelligence, (cyber)security, privacy, data management, systems thinking, software development, agile methods, generative artificial intelligence (AI), etc.

Check out my LinkedIn profile and send a connection request if you are interested



We ain't see nothing yet about AI, automation, cloud, LLM/ChatGPT, and digital transformation

These days, I am extremely interested in everything that is AI-related (Generative AI, ChatGPT, automation, machine and deep learning, smart chatbots, RPA, ...), as well as Blockchain, Digital Currencies, Internet of Everything, Self-Driving Cars, Big Data, Advanced Business Intelligence, ... and other signs of the Digital Transformation that is happening everywhere. However, I also believe that we are still at the very beginning of the age of artificial intelligence. AI, digITal and advanced automation are a challenge for privacy and data protection, so I am also interested in GDPR and e-privacy legislation. 

In the past, I offered no-nonsense and beyond-the-hype advice on brandnew, breakthrough and often disruptive topics, such as OO (object orientation) in the 80s, Client/Server in the 90s, and E-Commerce, Intranets, Portals, XML, Open Source, SOA (Service-Oriented Architectures) in the early days of the Business Internet.


Let's have a (virtual or real) cup of coffee to see how we can make your company smarter !